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Greg Sargent on Fighting the GOP’s “Thunderdome Politics” | Why We Need SCOTUS Reform | Is Legal Weed Inevitable?

October 21, 2018 @ 11:29 am

This week, we speak with The Washington Post's Greg Sargent about his new book, An Uncivil War: Taking Back Our Democracy in an Age of Trumpian Disinformation and Thunderdome Politics. (Our interview was so fascinating that we've invited Greg back on the show next week to continue the discussion.) 


Then we're joined by Elizabeth Rogers, a former judge and current host of the Humorless Rants podcast, to talk about the need for, and the potential shape of reforms of a Supreme Court facing a legitimacy crisis. 


Finally, we're joined by attorney and veteran civil rights activist Hanna Dershowitz, who tells us about her testimony this week in favor of legalizing cannabis before the New York State Assembly -- and where the debate over prohibition is likely to go.


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Dahlia Lithwick on Kavanaugh | Ari Berman With a Voting Rights Roundup | How Overt Sexism Became a Partisan Thing

October 7, 2018 @ 2:12 pm

We have a really great lineup this week. 


First up is Dahlia Lithwick, a senior editor at Slate, who talks to us about the future of the Court now that Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed, and what a dramatic loss of institutional legitimacy might mean going forward. 


Then we're joined by Ari Berman from Mother Jones. Berman, author of Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America, tells us what he fears the most in the voting rights arena as we approach the 2018 midterms, and also highlights some things that give him hope. 


Finally, we speak with Tufts political scientist Brian Schaffner, whose recent study found that expressions of hostile sexism have become a partisan issue. Schaffner explains how Trump's victory appears to have made his supporters more likely to say the quiet parts out loud. 


Junior Martin: "Police and Thieves"
King Crimson: "Man With an Open Heart"

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Brett Kavanaugh and the Right’s Long Judicial Coup

October 1, 2018 @ 1:03 pm

This week, we're joined by People for the American Way Executive Vice President Marge Baker to talk about where we are in the gut-wrenching confirmation process for Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump's Supreme Court pick who faces charges of sexual assault and lying to Congress. 


Then we go back to the archive to put all of this into a larger context with an earlier interview with Johns Hopkins political scientist Steven Teles, author of The Rise of the Conservative Legal Movement: The Battle for Control of the Law, a seminal book on the conservative movement's long, well funded campaign to push the center of gravity in American courts to the right. 


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David Cay Johnston on Trump’s White-Collar Crime Syndicate | Study: Creationism Is Linked to Conspiracism

August 27, 2018 @ 11:50 am

This week, we kick off the show with veteran journo David Cay Johnston, who has been covering Donald Trump since the 1980s. David helps us sort out what last week's raft of convictions, guilty pleas and revelations about members of Trump's inner circle being immunized by prosecutors can tell us about what's likely to come of all this. 


Then we're joined by Stephan Lewandowsky, chair in cognitive psychology at the University of Bristol, to talk about new data suggesting that a belief in creationism is linked to a greater tendency to buy into kooky conspiracy theories. 


Finally, we catch up with Cliff Albright, co-founder of the Black Voters Matter Fund, on a three-day bus tour he and his colleagues took through the Deep South to help register voters and support local community groups. You can find out more about the group or support their efforts here


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Connecticut Secretary of State Denise Merrill on Safeguarding Our Elections | Why Trump’s Cult Needs QAnon

August 23, 2018 @ 1:12 pm

This week, we kick off the show with a discussion of election security with Connecticut Secretary of State Denise Merrill. 


Then we'll be joined by Lala Wu, co-founder of the Sister District Project, who will tell us what her group is doing to Make America Sane Again.


Last but not least, Crooks and Liars Managing Editor Karoli Kuns joins us to discuss that nutty QAnon conspiracy theory that's become all the rage with Trump's gullible supporters. 


King Crimson: "Matte Kudasai"
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The Beatles: "In My Life"


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Zephyr Teachout Plans to Wield the Rule of Law as a “Sword” Against Trump’s Corruption

July 29, 2018 @ 11:27 am

This week, we kick off the show with a double-segment with Zephyr Teachout, the Fordham University legal scholar running to become the next Attorney General of New York. Teachout explains that because the Trump Organization is headquartered in The Empire State, the NYAG's office has a unique capacity to police the Trump crime family's potential abuses of power and its labrynthian web of foreign business entanglements.  


Then we're joined by Washington Monthly contributor John Stoehr to talk about a week in which more shoes dropped in the sprawling Kremlingate scandal than Imelda Marcos ever had in her closet. 


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Amanda Marcotte on a Long, Twisted Week in Trumpworld | Mike Lux Blows Up Conventional Wisdom About Democrats in the Age of Trump

July 22, 2018 @ 5:16 pm

This week, Salon columnist Amanda Marcotte joins us to talk about a week like no other in Trump's "presidency." Will his base ever be bothered by Marshal Tweeto's incompetence and corruption?


Then we're joined by Mike Lux, head of the non-profit American Family Voices and author of How to Democrat in the Age of Trump. Mike argues that many of the debates that fascinate the pundits are actually false choices. 


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John Amato on “Civility” | Imani Gandy and Jessica Mason Pieklo on SCOTUS and the Future of Roe | Trump’s Crackpot Trade War

July 2, 2018 @ 1:08 pm

We kick off this week's show with Crooks and Liars founder John Amato talking about Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, Maxine Waters and the right's crooked civility game.


Then we talk to Imani Gandy and Jessica Mason Pieklo, Rewire.News legal analysts and co-hosts of the podcast Boom! Lawered, about this week's atrocities at the Supreme Court and how everything is going to get much, much worse after Justice Anthony Kennedy is replaced with a soulless, reactionary android developed in the Federalist Society’s basement.


Finally, we're joined by Roosevelt Institure fellow Todd Tucker to discuss his new book, Judge Knot: Politics and Development in International Investment Law, and help us dissect Trump's erratic tradewars. 


Ken Lazarus: "Ob La Di Ob La Da"
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The Rolling Stones: "Good Times, Bad Times"
Lou Reed: "Dirty Boulevard"


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Trump’s In-Your-Face Kleptocracy | Meet Two Dem Congressional Candidates Who Might Change the Balance of Power

May 13, 2018 @ 12:44 pm

We kick off this week's show with a rundown, incomplete but depressing, of what we know so far about how Trump and his inner circle have profited from the presidency.  


Then we're joined by two Democratic candidates vying to run against Rep. John Faso (R-NY) in one of the hottest swing districts this cycle, New York's 19th. This is the district that got a lot of attention in 2016, when Zephyr Teachout challenged Faso. It could decide the balance of power in the House this fall.


First, we speak with Brian Flynn, a businessman who combines progressive politics with a willingness to fight. You can find out more about his platform by visiting https://www.brianflynn.us/.


Then we're joined by Antonio Delgado, an attorney and a naturally gifted speaker who is the only Democratic candidate to have raised more cash than Faso. Learn more about him at https://www.delgadoforcongress.com/.


And we'll be featuring more of the candidates in NY 19 in subsequent shows!


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Amanda Marcotte on Troll Nation | Incels’ Deadly Misogyny | Bruce Bartlett: “Reverse Racism” and Trump

May 6, 2018 @ 12:53 pm

We kick off this week's show with Salon columnist Amanda Marcotte. Amanda tells us all about her new book, Troll Nation: How The Right Became Trump-Worshipping Monsters Set On Rat-F*cking Liberals, America, and Truth Itself.


Then we're joined by Robyn Pennachia, who has the unfortunate task of covering the bizarre misgonyistic murder cult known as "incels" for Wonkette. Robyn helps us answer a key question: Just what the Hell is wrong with New York Times columnist Ross Douthat and other commenters who take these sick freaks' twisted grievances seriously?


Finally, we speak with former Reagan official and conservative apostate Bruce Bartlett about how Donald Trump capitalized on the surprisingly widespread view that white people are the victims of discrimination in the US. 


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